Ever wonder where to buy grass fed beef online? You don’t need to wonder any longer. See why Grass Fed, Grass Finished Beef from Lone Star Ranch is truly special!

Our animals are ~2 years old (nothing older than 3 years old) when they are processed.  Our stock is Black Angus and has been raised on our property where you saw the sign.  We feed only native grass from our pastures and do not treat the animals with any hormones or antibiotics.  They are free range grazed their entire lives.  The water they drink on our property has been tested and is of outstanding purity/quality (no nitrate concerns or similar).  We do not spray our pastures for weed control, nor do we fertilize, so there are no chemicals introduced to the animals during grazing. It is organic as organic gets 🙂

Jawbox Jerky

For a special treat, try our beef jerky, Jawbox Jerky.  Jawbox Jerky is artisan beef jerky made from Lone Star grass fed, grass finished beef in small hand cut batches.  Jawbox is a favorite of many high profile professional and collegiate athletes as a high protein, healthy snack that helps them deliver optimal performance on the field.  With recipes developed by, Devin Beck, a personal chef for many of the players on our local Denver professional football team, Jawbox Jerky is truly a unique snack that we are sure you will enjoy.

Wild Alaskan Salmon

We have partnered with Wild Alaska Direct to bring you 100% natural premium quality wild caught Alaskan Salmon. Wild caught, never farm raised – all of our Sockeye Salmon is harvested from clean, cold, pristine Alaskan waters. No chemicals, no dye, no hormones, no antibiotics—just 100% pure wild caught Alaskan Sockeye Salmon. Packed with Omega-3’s, healthy fats, vitamins (including B6, B12, A, D), and Niacin. Our hand-cut fillets are the perfect center-plate item for any occasion. Freshness is the difference – your salmon is harvested during the height of the Alaskan salmon season, and flash-frozen at the time of catch to lock-in both flavor and freshness. Each fillet is approximately 1 lb and sells for $18.50.